Discovery day

A day of discovery of paragliding is like the start of a course. We first learn how a paraglider is made and how it works. Then, in the breeze of the morning, we make our first weapons under the wing: We learn to inflate (bring the wing on its head), then to control the wing. Don’t worry, these first exercises are done safely on level ground. No question of going downhill right away! 

Once you have understood the control on flat ground, you move on to the school slope. We then learn take-off. The school slope is marvelous in that it allows small flights to be carried out while always remaining close to the ground, and therefore in safety. The flights are obviously short, but sufficient to give a good taste of the sensations of paragliding flight.

The discovery day is the best way to get a taste of paragliding and to check your affinities for this sport while incurring little expense.