Paragliding Intrigues you


Welcome to the Free Flight School as Air, a paragliding school recognized by the Canadian Free Flight Association (ACVL), where paragliding training is provided in the form of tandem flight, discovery day (initiation paragliding) and complete pilot training.

The Libre comme l’air flight school is located in Baie St-Paul, in the very heart of the magnificent Charlevoix region. This region, more than any other, lends itself perfectly to the discovery and learning of paragliding thanks to the variety and beauty of its flight sites. Our activities are offered year round.

Every year, many people come from far away for training or for a tandem flight. The question arises: why come to us?

Environmental issue …

Charlevoix, a world biosphere reserve, is undoubtedly the jewel of Quebec. The region is full of breathtaking mountain scenery. It is in this environment that you will experience free flight. Even if you only stay for one day, you will feel like you are on vacation. Relaxation and change of scenery guaranteed! If the weather is too capricious for paragliding, you won’t have made the trip for nothing. There is no shortage of outdoor activities and places to visit.

A question of atmosphere …

If there is one idea that sums up the spirit that animates the Free as Air School, it’s that we want to give you “serious pleasure”! We attach great importance to ensuring that your stay, whatever its duration, is marked by pleasure, relaxation, discovery and human relations. Your experience will leave memories with you that you will not soon forget.

A question of quality …

All of the work we do comes together under one banner: the passion for flying and teaching.

We do not use superlatives or flashy advertising. We do not overload the appointment book under the pretext that the activity is seasonal. On the contrary, we remain close to the “small is beautifull” philosophy; we want to keep an artisanal character which means that our customers benefit from a privileged and more personalized treatment.

Our equipment is recent, safe and revised from time to time.