Tandem Flight

The tandem flight does not require any experience on the part of the passenger. It is carried out with a two-seater paraglider, therefore of a larger surface. The few instructions necessary for a safe take-off are given by the instructor pilot before take-off. 

During the flight, the passenger is placed in front of and a little below the pilot, so as not to obstruct his vision. In this way, the passenger has plenty of time to admire the panorama that is offered to him.

In addition, the seated position during the flight allows you to enjoy the experience in comfort.

The entire flight is taken care of by the instructor pilot. Nevertheless, if the conditions allow it, the passenger can also experiment a little the piloting of the paraglider under the supervision of the pilot. Don’t worry, this is completely optional and according to your wishes! 

The duration of the flight depends on the conditions at the time. As we do not fly with motorized devices, only the presence of lift can allow us to extend the duration of the flight. The average flight time is usually 15 to 20 minutes.

This activity is accessible to everyone, regardless of age and does not require special physical condition, as long as you are able to take the few steps necessary for take-off. However, if you are under the age of sixteen, parental consent is required.

Tandem flight is the ideal activity for those who want to experience the sensations of free flight at least once, without investing in training.